Printer Ink at Leading Edge Computers Charlestown.

Large range of compatible and genuine ink cartridges and toners available for all major brands. Listed below are popular cartridges in stock ready to go. We have access to many more. Call for the latest prices. 


Brother Ink Compatible Cartridges 

3313, 3317, 40, 77XL, 139XL, 133XL, 137XL,  233XL, 37, LC67, LC57, 3333XL, 3319XL, 73, LC133, 3329XL, 235XL, 237XL, LC38, LC436XL, 3337, 


Canon Ink Compatible Cartridges

520, 521, PG15, CL18, 35, 36, 680XXL, 681XXL, 521, 525, 526, 650, 651, 670XL, 671XL, 1600XL, PG17, PG50, 510, 511, 640XL, 641XL, 645, 646, 2600XL, 


HP Ink Cartridges

60XL, 61XL,  63XL, 65XL, 905XL, 915XL, 951XL, 62XL, 67XL, 965XL, 935XL, 934XL, 955XL


HP Ink Compatible Cartridges

920XL, 564XL, 932XL, 933XL, 935XL


Epson Ink Compatible Cartridges

29XL, 81N, 133, 202XL, 212XL, 273XL, 312XL, 39XL, 49XL, 138, 140XL, 220XL, 1500L, 288XL, 410XL, 503XL, 604XL, 702XL, 802XL, 73N, 81N, 200XL, 252XL, 302XL, 812XL