About Us

Leading Edge Computers Charlestown was established in 1994. We have built a solid reputation for providing quality products and reliable service to our customers.

Why Choose Us?
When ordering a new computer system for yourself, your family or your business we take the time to listen and understand what you want your computer system to do. Then with regard to your requirements and budget our workshop will custom build a system that will serve your needs now and into the foreseeable future.
Whilst we remain sensibly priced, we don’t build computers with price point as the main consideration; we focus on reliability and performance.

Delivery & Installation
Delivery & Installation does not mean dropped at your door and see you later. It means completely set-up and tested with any questions you may have about it answered. If you're a new user and would like some further help learning to use your computer, discuss some extra lessons with our friendly installer. Then, as remains the case now, we are a 100% family owned business where the people who own the business, are hands-on and available to assist customers. Mike and Emma Bradley are wholly committed to supporting their retail and corporate customers.

Custom-Made Quality
Custom building your desktop computer using high quality parts gives you the option of easily having your computer upgraded, modified of repaired by our own expert workshop. Brand-name computers from department stores generally use proprietary parts that make it very difficult, if not impossible, and expensive to upgrade or repair your computer system. Not to mention that most brand-name computers are required to be sent back to the manufacturer, adding costly delays to the process.
We put all of our computers through a stringent burn-in process using dedicated software which puts a high load on all components of the computer for several days to ensure there are no problems before we can be certain you'll be happy with your purchase.

Value-Added Services
Software that is purchased with your machine is all installed and ready for you to get up and go. We also supply you with all your legal copies of the discs.
If you are buying your second or subsequent system and have printers, cameras or other devices already then let us know and we can set them up for you on your new computer.
As one of our valued computer system owner you will never pay for installation on any further hardware you purchase from us. That's right, "Service Fee Free" Upgrades.
If you want Internet Access on your new machine, we can set that up for you, either through one of the providers that we support, or through the provider of your choice.