Cougar Mouse Bunker RGB

Cougar Bunker RGB
Cougar Bunker Mouse RGB
Bunker Bungee RGB

Cougar Mouse Bunker RGB

RGB Mouse Bungee with USB Hub

COUGAR BUNKER RGB unites the BUNKER series’ superior design with a highly attractive RGB lighting and a convenient two-port USB hub to become a highly useful addition to any gamer’s desk.

BUNKER RGB can display fourteen fantastic lighting effects that can be selected merely by pressing a button.

Ideal for charging or synchronizing electronic devices, connecting extra peripherals or storing data on portable USB drives, BUNKER RGB’s on board two-port USB hub is extremely convenient.
BUNKER RGB’s patented design features a unique colloid suction pad that provides heretofore unsurpassed levels of steadiness even on slightly uneven surfaces. This technology will allow the gamer to play at ease: BUNKER RGB will stay in its place even in the most intense gaming sessions.
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