"That PC in the Office that is 5+ years old still works it will be fine!"

"Why would I replace a PC/Laptop that still works?"

"I know it's slow but the company has other expenses at the moment"

Slow Old Computer
               Hopefully You Don't Have One of These.!

Old and outdated technology can have a detrimental effect on your business. How much time and effort are you and your staff wasting on computers that no longer keep up with the world. Imagine this: You spend weeks working on that key presentation only to have the PC fail during the meeting. - Does your potential client trust you with the next step? Or do they trust the company with the new technology that has the super sweet next level presentation because they have PC's and laptops with all the bells and whistles?

Or imagine that your administration assistant is compiling a report crucial for that meeting to present the company's progress and they are spending extra time waiting for the computer to load, save, print, and copy because it is so slow - instead this assistant could be editing and perfecting that document.

Keyboard with snail showing slow computer                             Slow as a Snail!

Old technology can send a clear message to your employees or customers about how much you value them and their work. What is the long term effect on morale. Have your employees found workarounds to complete their jobs? Are you still using processes without technology? Do you have staff leaving to work with competitors.

Apart from a dis-satisfactory experience your out-dated technology (especially software) can leave you open to data loss, cyber attacks, data security and limited tech support from software and hardware providers.

By providing employees - especially mobile, customer facing employees - the latest tablets or laptops with Solid State Drives, Touchscreen and hinges that don't break with Windows 10 pro and Office 365, you show your customers that your business is on the cutting edge, capable and innovative.

At Leading Edge Computers Charlestown we can help with your needs to upgrade and replace technology that will last and that will increase the efficiency of your employees and we also can help with recycling tech so that it is not just landfill.

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