Computer Threat Due To COVID 19

As the world works from home on computers that were not originally intended to deal with your highly sensitive and precious data, it begs the question what or who is protecting you?

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World Lock Down from Covid Threat

Have you considered that sharing data with your staff is a security risk

Most of the general public out there have very minimal security if in fact any at all. We have noticed considerable businesses utilising staffs own desktops and laptops to enable a work from home workaround for the duration of the COVID lock down.

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Home Office Laptop Setup

With news today that a minimum of 90 days restrictions as in place of today then that is 90 days that your data is at risk. Businesses should be ensuring that their data is at least protected by a current paid anti-virus and a malware bytes program. Even without the added threat of data being accessed by unprotected computers, the research from last year 2019 says that there was a 25% increase in email phishing attacks that had successfully evaded company's security defences.

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