So many to choose from!

Major Brands:- Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, Asus, Acer,... the list goes on...

There are touch screens (with and without pens) notebooks, tablet PC's, convertibles, 2 in 1's, gaming.

But which one do I need and how much do I need to spend?

And how am I going to get all my files and programs onto my new Laptop?

Budget Vs Expectations

Most retailers love you to spend as much as possible! But what you need versus what you could buy is exactly what you should consider.

Are you looking for a laptop to surf the net, email and do a few documents in a word processor? A BUDGET laptop like this one may be suitable:-

I3 Laptop budget
Celeron or I3 Laptop price range $400 to $800

Are you a budding photographer? Videographer? You will need to make sure yours has the minimum storage you need, a graphics card and some excellent colour representation.

Gaming is your life! If you are into gaming you would do well to look at something like this beautiful machine.

This laptop can be custom built to your needs for gaming or video editing etc Price range $1800 to $2500

Looking at a range of laptops for your employees? Something durable and tough with metal hinges, good storage but fast processing to get the most out of your employees time.

I5 touch notebook commercial grade with metal hinges
I5 Price Range $1000 to $1500

Or Perhaps Speed is the most important factor for you. You will want to consider an I7.

I7 notebook pc with touch and fold back ability.
I7 Will help you crunch through data faster From $1500


Consider power before you purchase. Know that an I3 is better than Celeron. An I5 8400 vs a I5 4690 has 4 years between them for production dates. The number after the I5 refers to the generation of I5 and there is approximately 1 year between generations. That can be why some I5's are cheaper than others.


How big do you want the screen, the keyboard and the whole device? Online shopping can be fun but you cannot feel the keys and track pad to check that they suit you. The weight of the machine, if you travel a lot, could factor into your decision.


Important considerations:

  • HDD or SSD - Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive. This is the memory storage device of the computer. A Solid State Drive is faster than a Hard Disk Drive but it generally is smaller in capacity.
  • RAM is the first point of call memory of the computer, the larger it is the quicker your PC can deal with tasks and processes.

Data Transfer

When you purchase a new laptop at Leading Edge Computers Charlestown we can offer transfer of your data. For us this means making your new laptop look and feel the same as your old (but better). Your files will be where they were. Your icons will be where they were. We also install all updates so your PC is ready to work when you are.

Ongoing Protection

After purchasing a Laptop you will want to consider protection. Consider our ongoing protection pack that includes paid Antivirus, Malware, Phone support, 1 full service per year and repairs at parts cost only (no service fee) Read more here

Needing Business level protection? We can help! Check out how here

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