Should I Build My Own PC?

Reasons For Caution

If you have a serious gamer in your home chances are they will want to build their own PC at some point. Not necessarily because it is cheaper but because they want to understand how their gaming rig works and how to get the best from their machine. We get it, it can be fun and interesting but it can be costly. 

Recently we have had a run of customers who have chosen to purchase parts online or from a mix of retailers and put together their own systems. Unfortunately this has equalled incorrect product combinations. The products were not compatible together. In this case sometimes refunds for parts are not available from the online retailer. 

We have also had some where the customer has managed to short circuit some of the hardware because it has been put together incorrectly. Once hardware is fried by incorrect installation it is basically toast. The customer will need to purchase again. 

Make sure what you are purchasing is current and up to date. The internet is full of older models of every part. Older 6 gig video cards do not have the same power and visuals as newer 4 gig video cards. Sometimes cheap is not as cheap as you think!

Power supplies are not all made equal. Some 500 watt power supplies might reach a max of 500 watt but mostly run lower. Good quality ones will supply at the higher amount consistently. The difference is peak power vs base load. 

Also make sure you don't need to purchase an adaptor to make something work together you will never get the best performance from you PC 

So, Should You Build Your Own?

The answer to the question depends on your level of understanding. If you feel confident then just remember that purchasing your part from a retailer who will make sure they are compatible is a great safety net. If you do purchase parts and build your own and it is not going according to plan we can help. 

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